Q: Are your fragrances authentic?

A: Yes, all of our fragrances are 100% authentic. We source our products from a lot of the same wholesalers & distributers as other popular fragrance discounters do. We do not sell any fakes, knock-offs or imitations.


Q: Do you offer same-day shipping?

A: We do our best to ship same-day so long as you place your order before 12:00 PM CST. Please note this is on business days only.


Q: I just placed my order, when will it ship?

A: Orders placed Monday-Friday before 12:00 PM CST usually ship same day or immediate next day. All orders placed over the weekend will ship out on the following Monday. We pride ourselves in offering the fastest turn around time possible so you can enjoy your new fragrances within a couple days!


Q: My order shipped—when will it arrive?

A: We hate waiting for our fragrances to come in the mail and I’m sure you do too. All orders are shipped via USPS Priority 3-Day and our customers typically get their order within 2-3 business days. You may also choose the Expedited Shipping & Handling option at checkout.


Q: I placed an order and ordered the wrong items/placed my order on accident. Can you cancel it?

A: We always recommend double checking your cart before going through with your purchase. Often times, we process your order within 10-20 minutes of receiving payment. Especially with PayPal, where we get the funds instantly. There is no guarantee that we can cancel your order if it has already been processed or shipped. If you want to inquire about canceling your order please email us immediately at info@chaosfragrances.com with your order number or fill out the Contact Us form. 


Q: I have a tracking number for my order but it shows no signs of movement. Why is that?

A: Typically tracking information will go live at the end of the day, but sometimes it can take one full business day for it to update and show movement. 

In some cases, USPS employees will fail to scan the package when it goes out and thus the tracking number will show it sitting stationary even though the package is on its way to you. Keep in mind this is out of our control—as soon as we hand the package off to USPS it’s their responsibility to scan and deliver the package. 


Q: What is the batch code on Aventus? (or any other fragrance)

A: We ship straight from our suppliers to you in order to offer the fastest shipping at the lowest possible cost. Because of this, we cannot check your bottle and tell you specifics such as the batch; and our suppliers can't either. All of our fragrances we source are new and fresh, within the past 1-3* years.


Q: This fragrance doesn't smell the same as it did years ago when I bought it at a retail store. Why is that? Is it a fake or knock-off?

A: The good news is—no, your fragrance isn't fake. Please refer to the first question on this page.

The bad news is—unfortunately, fragrances tend to change over the years. Often times brands will reformulate or "water down" their fragrances so to speak, while keeping the price of the fragrance the same thus maximizing profit. Another reason they may do this is so customers are more apt to purchase their newer 'intense' version of the fragrance or the EDP release of the fragrance; or just to drive more sales towards different flankers or releases from the brand period.

As fragrance enthusiasts we know how frustrating this is—however there is nothing we can do to stop it and no, your scent is not fake or a knock-off.


Q: Why don't you offer many discount codes?

A: Between having the most competitive prices possible, covering the cost of shipping on our end, and covering the cost of running the website + purchase transaction fees, apps, etc., we do not have much wiggle room on pricing. We do offer our standard $5 off two or more items which is about as much we can do at the time.


Q: Do you accept returns?

A: We accept returns on occasion. Our requirements are as follows
  1. Fragrance must be unopened, still sealed in the original packaging
  2. Return request must be submitted within 3 days of receiving your package
  3. Buyer pays return shipping & 15% restocking fee

We cannot accept opened/used fragrances for returns. Because fragrance is subjective, we recommend everyone to sample first before buying. We cannot accept returns due to the fact that you do not like the scent. 

You must provide proof of the fragrance being unopened and still sealed before sending it back to us. If we receive it and the fragrance does not meet our requirements, we reserve the right to not accept the return.

If you'd like to submit a return request, you may do so by emailing us directly at info@chaosfragrances.com or by clicking Contact Us and filling out the form.


Q: Do you ship internationally? I tried to check out and it said you do not ship internationally.

A: Due to the complexity of the varying prices of postage from country to country, it's very difficult for us to set up the shipping rate table for each country and also include VAT and other fees to give you a total cost at checkout.

Because of this, all international orders will be done via an invoice. To get a quote on an order shipped to your location outside of the US, please navigate to the International Shipping page and fill out the form there.

*PLEASE NOTE: International orders can not be placed through the website checkout process. It must be done through filling out this form and receiving an invoice via PayPal*

Once you submit your request, we will get back to you with a quote of the total cost shipped to you. From there, if you are happy with the price we will send you an invoice via PayPal.


*product age may vary, while we can't guarantee exact age we can guarantee that your product will be new and fresh, and will last for years to come.