Full Guide To Decanting | Everything You Need To Know To Sell Fragrance/Perfume Samples Online

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We know fragrance collecting is expensive—but it doesn't have to be. 

In this course, I go over everything you need to know in order to successfully sell fragrance/perfume samples online so that you can build your collection without ever paying out of pocket. You'll save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month if you follow what I teach in this course. I was completely broke at one point and could hardly afford to buy designer fragrances, but after much trial and error through decanting I've been able to build a very solid collection... all through the process of decanting.

If you aren't ready to purchase the full course, you can choose to purchase individual parts of the course by clicking here.

Topics that will be covered:

  • The Basics... supplies you will need, how to decant, how to make labels, how to calculate your prices, etc.
  • Selling... how to start selling on eBay & the Facebook groups and build a good reputation.
  • Shipping... how to ship right from home to avoid having to go to the post office every day, how to package your decants, what shipping methods to use, etc.

Down below, you'll see a screenshot of my earnings for the first 3 months I started this process. I don't choose to share information like that often but am doing it as more proof that what I teach works.

And because this is an online course... its available worldwide (provided you have internet access of course). You can get started no matter where you are.

Immediately after you purchase the course, you will receive a download link to a text document. Inside that text document is a link to the course where you can stream it 24/7, on whatever device you're on. In addition there will also be a link to the private Facebook group where you can join it and ask any questions you may have as well as chat with other members of the course.

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