Below are a list of supplies that I believe anyone into fragrance collecting should keep on hand. These supplies can help you make personal travel samples for yourself so you can take your fragrance with you throughout the day or on vacation. I've included some other fun & useful products as well. If you want to learn how to make and sell fragrance samples in depth, please check out our Full Guide To Decanting course. I don't sell these items on the website so the links below will take you to Amazon.

Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial -

2ml Fragrance Samples -

5ml Fragrance Samples -

10ml Fragrance Samples (standard) -

10ml Fragrance Samples (premium) -

Teflon Tape -

Sample Organizer -

Small Funnels -

Plastic Pipettes -

Fragrance Diffuser -

Full Aromatherapy Kit -

Essential Oils -

NEST Reed Diffuser -



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